break someone's heart

break someone's heart
break someone's heart overwhelm someone with sadness.
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  • break someone's heart — break (someone s) heart 1. to make someone who loves you very sad, especially by telling them you do not love them any more. He broke my heart, but I ll never forget him. 2. if an unpleasant situation or event breaks your heart, it makes you feel …   New idioms dictionary

  • break someone's heart — verb cause deep emotional pain and grief to somebody The young man broke the girl s heart when he told her was going to marry her best friend • Hypernyms: ↑pain, ↑anguish, ↑hurt • Verb Frames: Somebody s somebody Something s somebody …   Useful english dictionary

  • break someone's heart — idi break someone s heart, to cause someone to be devastated by sorrow or disappointment …   From formal English to slang

  • break someone's heart — 1) to upset someone very much, especially by letting them know that you do not love them. You can also say that someone s heart breaks or that they have a broken heart Friends and relatives said she died of a broken heart. 2) it breaks someone s… …   English dictionary

  • break someone's heart — overwhelm someone with sadness. → heart …   English new terms dictionary

  • break someone's heart — verb To cause a person to feel grief or sadness. Dont go breaking my heart; See Also: heartbreaker, heart breaking …   Wiktionary

  • break someone's heart — v. (Informal) cause someone to be sad, make someone feel disappointed …   English contemporary dictionary

  • break one's heart — disappoint someone very much, cause someone grief …   English contemporary dictionary

  • heart — [ hart ] noun *** ▸ 1 organ that pumps blood ▸ 2 area of chest with heart ▸ 3 your feelings ▸ 4 inner central part ▸ 5 shape representing love ▸ 6 suit of playing cards ▸ 7 most important part ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) count the organ in your chest that… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • heart — [härt] n. [ME herte < OE heorte, akin to Ger herz < IE base * k̑erd , k̑ṙd , heart > L cor, (gen. cordis), Gr kardia, OIr cride, Serb sr̈ce] 1. a) the hollow, muscular organ in a vertebrate animal that receives blood from the veins and… …   English World dictionary

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